MUSE LLP has a long and proud history in EVE, from its founding in 2010 to its current home in a sov-holding nullsec alliance. We're a laid-back and relaxed group of pilots who love mining, industry, PvE, and PvP. “No Drama” is our one and only rule – we're all here to fly together and have fun in our own unique ways. We're open to experienced, returning, and new players, and we have opportunities for you whatever your skills and passion happen to be.

Do you want a laid-back and drama-free environment where you can PvE, PvP, mine, or do industry with awesome people? Do you like participating in fleets when you have time, without feeling like EVE is your second job? Do you want the ability to connect with your new friends on Discord and TeamSpeak, but without mandatory participation 24/7/365? If so, MUSE is your new home! We strike the perfect balance between excitement and casual enjoyment. There's always stuff going on, but you play on your schedule and come when you want. When you have fun and prosper, so do we!

We offer:

  • Industry
  • Free BPC's
  • Training
  • Buyback programs for minerals
  • Fun PVP - regular fleets. Corp provided ships
  • SRP


  • Active Participation
  • Relocate to 0.0 (help will be provided)
  • Help defend our space

If you would like to apply, simply click "apply" below. You will log into you account using your Eve username and password, and a recruiter will review your app ASAP. 

Please join our DIscord server before applying.  Also if you can right click on your name once you join our service and change nickname to in game name - that would help us identify who you are and make this process a lot quicker and painless.  Any questions can be directed there or our public channel in game, "undisclosed desires." 

Application Form
What are your Eve interests?
Why do you want to join MUSE?
What are your normal hours during the week? The weekend? (include Time Zone)
Do you know anyone currently in MUSE?
How did you learn about MUSE? (If it was a recruiter - tell us who it was) (If you joined from the list of corps from a station, also tell us.)
Do you have any questions or is there something else you'd like us to know?
Did you join our discord server? (It is a mandatory part of the application process)
Since you joined our discord server ^ please make sure to change your nickname - by right clicking your name on the right of discord and change nickname to your in game name. Did you change your nickname?

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