Memento. Mori.

Memento. Mori.

Become the name in local that people fear.

Ingame Channel - "MM. Public"

Memento. Mori. is recruiting

We offer

- Amazing Space to PvP including Solo, Small Gang, and Daily Fleets

- Plenty of sites to rat in to make ISK in

- Plentiful Anoms and Moons for Mining Nullsec Ore, Ice, and Moon goo

- Burner Missions

- Alliance run JF service from Jita 4-4 to our home at a cheap rate

- And Much More

We are looking for

-Newbros and Bitter vets

-Wannabe and Seasoned FCs

-People who want to PvP

-Miners and Industrialists

-Mission Runners

-Ratters and Salvagers

All New recruits must submit their ESI via Eve-Hr and Seat

For both Corp and alliance