Nash Equilibrium Fair Industrial Enterprise

Focused in Seeking those who seek to understand the macro game and community building. 
Offensive PvP sought and encouraged, Defensive PvP required.

**Now accepting HS industrial pilots**

We offer:
Boosted mining fleet ops
Experienced players in many facets of Eve
Free Blueprints
Corporation and Coalition Ship Replacement Programs
Active and attentive leadership (4-16 hrs/day)
Access to secure Sov Null Space
Sincere yet relaxed environment.
Application Form
What is your in game name?
How many alt characters/accounts do you have?
What is your time zone?
How may skillpoints do you have on your main/highest account
How did you hear about NEFIE?
Are you willing to train into doctrine ships?
Can you fly any capital ships?
Can you fly T2 Triage
Can you fly T2 Logi?
Can you be on Teamspeak while playing EvE?

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