New Eden Intelligence Directorate


The New Eden Intelligence Directorate (NEID) is a multi-branch intelligence organization operating throughout New Eden. It is headquartered centrally within the galaxy, in New Caldari space. Its headquarters is in close proximity to the major trade hubs of Jita and Perimeter, at New Caldari Prime - Moon 1 - Chief Executive Panel Bureau (1.0). The NEID’s motto is: “Through knowledge, strength”.

The goal of the NEID is to inform the people, corporations, alliances, and galactic powers in New Eden on a wide variety of topics through the use of information and analyzed intelligence. The NEID ensures leaders of corporations, alliances, and galactic powers are prepared for all situations through covert and overt operations, as well as expert intelligence analysis.

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With three distinct branches, members of the directorate have different paths they can progress through based on their knowledge, skills, and motivations. These branches are:

Operations Branch - Focuses on covert and overt sourcing of information which can be analyzed, made into actionable intelligence, and disseminated appropriately. The backbone of the Operations Branch is its Operations Officers (OOs) who are generally tasked with finding and recruiting sources for information, and establishing clandestine networks.

Security Branch - Focuses on the internal and external security of the directorate. The Security Branch has two different departments members are allowed to join. Those in external security begin their careers as Security Officers (SOs) and focus on protection of the directorate, VIPs, and important assets and structures. Those in internal security begin their careers as Counterintelligence Agents (CAs) who carry out background checks, vet potential candidates, conduct internal investigations, and monitor internal communications.

Analysis Branch - Focuses on the collection of information from other branches and the expert analysis of information gathered. Those in the Analysis Branch begin their careers as Intelligence Analysts (IAs) who conduct financial, political, and military analysis. The Analysis Branch also creates the NEID’s New Eden Intelligence Briefing (NEIB) which will be published to internal and external sources for capsuleers across the galaxy to read.

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Either the Director (CEO) or a member of the Internal Security Branch will reach out to you with the next steps in the candidacy process.

If interested in joining, be prepared to provide access to your API.


Application Form
How long you have flown in New Eden?
Why do you wish to join?
Where are you currently stationed?
Which branch would you wish to be put in and why?
Do you have any relationships with organizations which may be a benefit to the NEID?
Are you susceptible to blackmail, bribery, or coercion?

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