Thank you for considering joining Ninjuggernauts!

We are a growing Corp with an active Alliance and look forward to providing our members with effective training, profitable activities, and abundant content. If you're looking for a corp to fly with, look no further. We offer High Sec mining, Low Sec Mining, WH exploration, Small Gang PVP, PVE, a Buyback Program, and a Ship Replacement Program. All levels of players are welcome, from fresh Alpha newbros to hardened Omega veterans no matter your skill level or experience. Whatever you do in EVE, there's a place for you with Ninjuggernauts. Apply today to stop flying safe and come Fly Fearless!

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What careers pique your interest?

PVP Combat (Roams, Structure Bashes, Fleet Brawls)

PVE Combat (Missions, Ratting, FOBs, Incursions)

Mining & Industry

Trade & Diplomacy

Wormhole Exploration

Would others say you value loyalty, honesty, and integrity?
Are you willing to relocate if transport can be provided?
What level of experience would you say you have playing EVE?

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