Running with Wolves


Running with Wolves [.PACK] is recruiting

Join our discord: https://discord.gg/Gk79xWU 

Check out our pvp activity: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/933731581/

We offer in order of importance to us:

- a PVP mindset

- PVP competence

- PVP content including use of capitals with full SRP

- no-drama players focused on fun game-play

- nullsec space with R64 moons, high-end industry structures, safe ratting space, and jump freighter service

- opportunity to make a difference within the alliance

In new recruits, we are looking for:

- PVP experience

- Main character being able to fly doctrine ships, i.e. HACs, Capitals (or training towards)

- Willingness to train into useful alt (dictor/dread/fax)

Application Form
Why do you want to leave your current alliance and why do you think NC. or PACK will be any different?
If you are a returning player why NC. and PACK
How many times do you play each week on average and what is your most active time zone?
Please link your killboard stats showing your activity for your main and all pvp alts.
Please list all of your alts you would join PACK with and an explanation of the role of each alt. (My salvage alt isn’t an acceptable alt it must add value to the applicant)
What capital ships can you fly and can you use T1 triage or siege and have JDC 5. If not please advise how long before this is possible.
Whats your approximate ISK value, in ships, ISK and assets?
What is your favorite pvp ship ?
Do you fly logistics ?
Have you FCed?
Are you self sufficient? How?
Country - TZ
Have you flown with anybody Currently in NC. or Pack how could vouch for you

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