Running with Wolves


Running with Wolves [.PACK] is recruiting

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Check out our pvp activity:

We offer in order of importance to us:

- a PVP mindset

- PVP competence

- PVP content including use of capitals with full SRP

- no-drama players focused on fun game-play

- nullsec space with R64 moons, high-end industry structures, safe ratting space, and jump freighter service

- opportunity to make a difference within the alliance

In new recruits, we are looking for:

- PVP experience

- Main character being able to fly HACs, Nightmares, Loki, Ikitursa (or training towards)

- Willingness to train into useful alt (dictor/dread/fax)

Application Form
Do you enjoy PVP? Please link the zkillboard of your main pvp character.
Can you fly or are you willing to train these ship types: Loki, HACs, Nightmare, Ikitursa?
Are you willing to train into a dread/fax alt?