Primordial Gray


Primordial Gray [PGRAY] is happy that you are interested in joining our Corporation.

We are a corporation based in Providence region. That means NRDS (Not Red Don't Shoot). We currently do not own our own stations within the region, but that is a goal we are working toward. In the meantime, there are stations you will be allowed to dock in.

We are primarily an industry corp, meaning we welcome miners, ratters and explorers. The area is rich in content, and if you are also an avid pvp player, there is plenty of content for you as well.

We don't micromanage, however, we do expect that you:

Follow Alliance and Coalition rules.

Are mature, considerate, polite, and willing to be a team member of our corp.

Will not create unwarranted drama.

Want to have fun with a good group of folks who are helpful and fun.

If this sounds like where you want to be....

We must first ask you a few questions to get your application in process.

Application Form
Have you completed the Entry Missions for new characters?
Is your character Alpha or Omega?
Will your alts also be applying to our corporation?
If so, how many?
What are your primary interests ie; ratting, mining, pvp?
Tell us anything else you want us to know.

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