Phoenix Foundry

                                                                         The Phoenix Foundry

                                                                                               Chief Executive Officer: Luis Candelas
                                                                                              Corporate Liason: K'arnari llogrim
                                                                                               Mining & Industry: Blasphamus
                                                                                                Mining and Pl: Amazon Warrior Darmazaf
                                                                                             Missions & Scouting: Dracou
                                                                                             Abyssal Sites: Jaxn Enraged

      Phoenix Foundry is a Corporation dedicated in giving you a well-rounded EVE-Online Experience. A place where you can learn to play the game and give everyone a place to make friends, create fleets, conquer obstacles, achieve your goals and explore New Eden. We plan on achieving these goals by actively recruiting players, properly maintaining stations and resources, organizing our members through events and scheduled fleets as well as making friends in New Eden outside of the Corporation that also share the same interests as we do. 

      Our Corporation offers a variety of benefits including:

           -No Skill Requirement for application approval

                     We provide help and Support for new and returning capsuleers so that you can enjoy the game and have fun while you (re)learn. 

           -Ore buyback

                     You dump it, weeee haul! We sell your Ore / PI Resource / Salvage from you!

          -Loyalty Points System:

                      We give you points for almost every activity you do in Eve Online. These can be redeemed for Rewards!

          -Ship Replacement Program 

                      Fly with some peace of mind! Every event or op will feature a Ship fitting that will include a free replacement if the ship is ever lost.

           -HQ system with a lot of belts.

                     We have more than 10 Mining Belts that will allow you to mine at your heart's content and Kill a few Rats along the way. 

           -Amarr Space

                     Now only 6 jumps from Amarr's trade Hub and a few jumps into Low-Sec.

           -Learn how to make money using industry!

                    Not sure how Industry works? We'll train you! We have a dedicated instructor on staff with hands-on experience.

           -Mining Fleets

                     Our daily mining fleets come with Orca Boosts and Defensive Support.

           -PvP Fleets and More!

                     Apart from our Scheduled Events we always have many activities that our members engage in including PvP Roams, Ratting,                      Exploration Sites, Mission, Abyssal Sites and WH-Space fun. Simply log in and ask!

                    If you have any more questions, comments or would like to continue through your application, please fill out our form below and feel free to ask anyone of us in the Pagan Applicants Chat Channel for an interview. Thank you for considering our Corporation as your home in New Eden.


      Live Free, Fly well and have fun out there.

             -The Phoenix Foundry Staff

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