Planned Obsolescence.

Come into the darkness with Planned Obsolescence.

Who We Are:

At the core we’re group of capsuleers that have been flying together across corporations and alliances for years. We’ve been in and out of all areas of game play from hisec to faction warfare to wormhole living and null. We’ve long been pvp focused with a newer push on industry. In part what this means is that our industry works with the demands of our pvp and corp needs. Among our veterans we have experience covering just about all areas of EVE.

What We’re Doing

  • Increasing our numbers - ALL timezones, everyone wants to relieve stress am i right?
  • Fortify our home land - there’s "work" to be done and it'll get there!
  • Re-establishing industry for our pvp
  • Opsec things involving shooting people :slightly_smiling_face:

Who We’re Looking For:

We need people we connect with. We’re a small band of pilots that even as people take breaks from EVE we still try to keep up over Discord. So even if you’re a Titan pilot, an all 5s Blops pilot, or a griffon pilot, we’re more interested in you and how we all connect and get along. It is however helpful if you can fly something other than a griffon.

Main Points

  • We’re primarily looking for 15mil SP minimum
  • Don’t be afraid of the blackout
  • Active - be around hanging out more than once or twice a week
  • Laid back - we don’t need super intense people that make us want to hide / mute
  • Discord - logon and use it and don’t be super antisocial
  • Possible opening for additional corporations to join us - message Spotrush1

You want content?

  • PVP - nullsec roams, structure bashing, and more opsec :wink:
  • Ratting availability - need some quick iskies shoot some rats alone or with friends
  • Mining / industry - help keep supplies in stock aiding in cap and subcap production for local defense as well as future engagements

Talk to one of our in game recruiters (Siofra Damhnait/EU and EndstoMeans/US or Spotrush1/US) or join our recruitment channel: https://discord.gg/JjcGhMp

Application Form
What is your eve experience?
What are a few of your goals?
What do you do in eve for fun?
Who is your main?
Are you willing to be on comms and work with a team?
What timezones are you usually playing?
What is your favorite pvp ship and why?

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