Peeps Industry

Welcome To Peeps Industry!

We are a small mining, manufacturing and industrial corporation with a vision for the future.

In doing this, we welcome all capsuleers, both young and old, To gain a stable foothold in the Verse.

New Eden can be a daunting and toxic environment especially for new bros and we are here to mentor as well

as assist you in discovering your passion and what drives you. That being said, We focus on mining, industrialism, PvE and defensive

PvP. As you become more familiar with your surroundings you will start to lean towards the play style that you prefer while

building a lasting foundation of skills to take you there with as little loss as possible. As a member of Peeps Industries you will have access

to high security operations as well as low, null and wormhole space to find your fortune. We have established a cooperative with other like minded

corporations that are well defended and secure in their activities. And as Peeps is a good place for a new capsuleer to start their career, we

we encourage growth. Making available to you a rich and diverse selection of corporations and alliances. But, if you find that

mining, industrialism, trade and adding value your game experience is what you enjoy you can rest assured that Peeps

is no fly-by-night operation that will leave you stranded. We are well funded and have many established lines of commerce

that makes us an indispensable market force with solid connections that insure our growth and prosperity.

But, always remember, this is YOUR destiny, and let that take you where you want to go so the only question I have for you is.

Where will your curiosity take you?


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