The Pack. Worldwide

If you want to get into the Mining/Industrial Aspect of Eve Online but don’t want to join a Corp/Alliance with 90% of everything done. The Pack is the place for you. Having started just a few months ago, nearly any/all Activities are still needing to be done. Currently we are living in Amarr HS and renting Providence Null. You are free to Operate in the Security you like.

Everyday Activities:
- ORE/ICE Solo/Fleet Mining
- GAS Solo/Fleet Mining
- Weekly Moon Mines
- Industry
- Combat Sites
- PvP

- 0% Tax Everywhere / Buyback offered: 80% Jita Sell
- Currently Based in US, but looking for All TZ

Join "The Recruiting Den" to speak in game or join https://discord.gg/9NBTnbbtVV for out of game Contact.

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