Phantom Regiment

Welcome Newbros! Phantom Regiment is now proudly serving as the newbro recruitment corporation for the Aurora Alliance! Our job is to educate and prepare new capsuleers for effective and profitable operations within alliance controlled nullsec space. Alpha Friendly There is no minimum skill point requirement to join Phantom Regiment. We maintain a full fleet of alpha friendly fits at our office locations, and all Phantom Alpha doctrine ships are provided to corporation members for FREE! Make BIG ISK By following our basic guidance, even a fresh alpha clone can quickly begin earning billions of isk per month harvesting the riches of nullsec space. That's Billions, with a B. Plex your account, buy a full set of pirate implants, or buy yourself a carrier. Or do them all. Treat yourself to some skill injectors while you are at it. There is as much isk as you can carry, waiting for you in nullsec. Where to start? New members should first head to Paye - Aurora Tavern and make themselves feel at home! Train Infomorph Psychology if you haven't already, so you can install jump clones in our office locations to move between them more quickly and easily in the future. Lowsec Training The Aurora Alliance maintains a prescence in the Anidaza constellation, so new members should first get comfortable operating in this lowsec pocket while learning the skills needed to thrive in nullsec. Dive into nullsec! Ready for nullsec? Use our office in Paye as a staging location to reach the Aurora Alliance capital in 8B-VLX. Alliance jump freighter pilots are nearby and able to help safely haul your equipment into and your treasures out of nullsec space!