PhoenixFire Industry Ascendant

Welcome to the PhoenixFire recruitment page!

A member of the recruitment team will be notified upon application submission and will evaluate your application and speak with you. Please note, there are a few things that will get your application rejected:

*Member of an enemy corp/alliance within the past six months. (You will need to speak with a director for bypassing this.)

*A consistent history of skipping through corps in only days. (Not bypassable)

*An empty mailbox (this means you're a bad spy)

*Profanity, abuse, or generally any rudeness directed at recruitment staff (You will be laughed at and blacklisted)

*Having less than 5,000,000 (five million) skill points

*Having direct contact with anyone on our blacklist (they're a contact, you regularly send mail to them, etc)

*Not having Omega status. This is a hard rule! Alpha toons are too limited to be primaries in null sec!

*Not having the Magic 14 trained! We're here to grow as a corp, and cannot do so if you do not have the basics trained already. (It's bypassable on alts, not on mains)

PhoenixFire is a null sec industrial focus corporation. We have a strong production system in place that allows members to make isk quickly, instead of having to wait for capital ships to sell. We also have an automatic LP earning system and an LP store where you can buy ships all the way up to titans, if you work hard at it.

We have full capability to turn out dreadnaughts and carriers on demand, and supercarriers/titans on a special case-by-case basis.

Overall, we do not have super-strict requirements. The main thing is alliance op particiaption, help defend home space, and be part of alliance mining ops. As a corporation, we want our members to have fun. Whether that's flying PvP ops with allies, mining and building ships, or ratting all day long. There are always things to do and ways to make isk. Once you apply, please make sure you are in our Discord so our leadership team can chat with you and assess your application.

Application Form
What is your primary goal in Eve?
Can you fly any of the following, and if so, which ones: Rorqual, Orca, Phoenix, Minokawa, Naglfar, Nidhoggur, Nyx, Hel, Ragnarok
What are you looking for in a corp?
What drew your attention to PhoneixFire?
Have you ever operated in null space before?
Do you have the magic 14 trained to completion? <==THIS IS MANDATORY!

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