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We are now a full-time High sec Corporation. After 5 years of living in and out of null-sec or wormholes, we've grown tired of the that life. I've been playing For over 13 years, I've seen and done it all. Recruitment is currently OPEN We are close to fulfilling
 We are now a full-time High sec Corporation. After 5 years of living in and out of null-sec or wormholes, we've grown tired of the that life. I've been playing For over 13 years, I've seen and done it all. 

Recruitment is currently OPEN

Please contact Cruell Nightmare  US
English is preferred but not required

 We utilize Discord for comms, No exceptions. 

Who are we looking for?
  Once you can fly qualified ships, we'll go from there. We are veteran friendly of course and would welcome your experience and skill sets, Alts as well.

About us
We live a few jumps from Amarr
 We've done Nullsec, Wormholes, Low sec and so much more, we lived in a C5 for nearly four years. We mine, do anoms, and PI. We want to expand, but we've got to have the numbers, active numbers.  

Active Timezones
 - US 2300-0600 Eve weekdays (CEO)
 - UA 1100-1900 Eve weekdays
 - vacancy
 - Weekends: 23hrs (depends on Ops)

What to do?
 - Explorer; Scan the unknown, loot abundant relic and data sites and make cool stuff
 - Industrialists; build stuff, great PI at 2% tax 
 - Miners; ABC rocks and not to mention gas
 - PVE; We like Combat Sites, High Caldari and Amarr standings for missioners, SOE too!*

What we offer
 - Experience
 - Corp Issued Ships (indy, pve) 
 - Ship Replacement Plan (SRP)
 - Training
 - A good friendly group of people from all over the world
 - oh and the best part, the opportunity to play for free!
Our roles and Ranks

Trial Member

This Rank is for those that join the corp on a trial basis. While you have this rank your activity and actions will be watched closely. It is held for a minimum of 60 days before you become eligible for Recruit status.

 Activity Requirements.

• No absences for more than 10 days.

• Ice opps are mandatory if you are online.


This rank entitles the pilot to limited access to Corp use hanger and greater leniency in log of time. This Rank grants the use of Blueprint copies and other Corp benefits. It is held for an undetermined length of time before you become eligible for Specialist status.

Activity Requirements

• No absences of 15 days or more.

• Ice opps are mandatory If you are online.

• Ore opps are mandatory if you are online.


This rank is for members that want a higher role within the corporation. This rank can vary from Ammo production to ships, or any specialized role deemed necessary within the corporation. Activity requirements are strict as this rank is the entry level management of the corporation activities and cannot be afforded to pilots of limited time.

 Activity requirements

• log ins and activity required.

• Fulfilling the requests and roles of the given Specialist rank

            •• Example, Ammo Specialist rank would require weekly production and maintenance of ammo stockpiles. BPOS/BPS to be provided as well as a small salary to cover installation and taxes. This rank is the maximum rank achievable in the corporation without significant background and security checks.

• All the previous rank Requirements


This rank is for those Pilots serving no less then one year with the Corporation. This rank requires extreme activity requirements as opposed to the lower ranks. Veterans are the go to for the lower ranks if Centurions or the Ceo are not available and will relay requests and needs. Veterans are expected to maintain order and help schedule fleets and content when available. Distribute orders from Centurions to the lower ranks as they see fit to accomplish directives.

Activity requirements.

• log in required. Scheduling of activities during peak hours determined by the pilot’s availability.

• Fleet command of content. Including production fleets or PVE content when Centurions are not online.

• This rank is included in Corporation decisions and is expected to attend briefings and relay those requests to the lower ranks.

• All the previous rank requirements.



The rank of Centurion is the equivalent of Director. Centurions are expected to guide production under the direction of the CEO. They are expected to schedule fleets. Assign directives to the Veterans and recruit new members to the Corporation.

Activity requirements.

• Daily log in required as IRL schedule permits.

• Recruiting of new members.

• Directing production pipelines.

• Reporting to the CEO.

If this seems like we're a fit for you, please precede to apply below.


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