Push Industries

If you are here then you have an interest in joining the ranks of Push Industries (PushX) haulers.


- 2 Omega accounts
- A Freighter (BR/DST Optional)
- Knowledge of hostile hauling environment and safe hauling practices 
- Minimum of 1.5 billion in collateral for contracts
- Your hauler must have positive standings with BOTH Triglavians and Edencomm before joining corp
- Your Hauler must meet the minimum skill requirement, see the Recruitment wiki for details

Click 'Apply' button at the bottom of this page to authenticate your characters in Eve-HR.

Once your character is authenticated with Eve-HR, add your alt hauling characters to Eve-Hr by clicking 'Add Alt Characters' button on https://eve-hr.com/Recruitment/MyApplications. This includes your haulers, webbers, scouts, etc.

Please join PushX Public Discord and type !apply to get the recruit role.

- Review the information on our wiki page. Know this content for the interview.
- Prices and more can be found at our website.
- Recruiting FAQ

Information within applications are kept confidential.

If an official Push diplomat is not on to answer your questions please mail a Director at anytime


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