Red Rock Inc

  • We are part of a small Coalition of alliances who offer mutual protection and support in many things…

    As a corp We have our feet on the ground and want to grow.

    What we offer

  • Access to alliance discord to chill on
  • BPC copies for industry players from an extensive Corp and alliance BPO library
  • Alliance facilities for cloning/industry/trade/research
  • Regular fleets
  • Close to Amarr if your wanting to market PvP
  • 5% Rat Tax.
  • Lower tax rates for Refining and building in corp and alliance-controlled stations
  • Non War-Decable
  • What we are looking for from you

      Above 1,000,000 Skill Points
      Working microphone and willingness to use it
      Ability to use discord, and check it regularly for pings and updates
      Omega / Alpha Who cares.
      Have a sense of humour and don’t get offended easy we are mostly Aussies after all.

     For more information and to apply join in game channel “Red Rock Inc”
    Please note 
    that an interview and Security Check will be required
Application Form
What is your primary goal in Eve?
What are you looking for in a corp?
What drew your attention to Red Rock
What is your Area experiance... high sec / low sec / nul sec / wormhole
Are you able to fly the following ships?





Armour Logi

Do you have the magic 14 trained to completion?

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