Savannah Logistics

Savannah Logistics 

US+EU Timezone Players!

Savannah Logistics - US 

Our Focus:

- SOV Live [Training Pilots]
- SOV PVP Small Fleets
- SOV PVP Large Fleets
- SOV Exploration
- SOV WH Fleets
- SOV Team Ratting
- Planet-Management [Null-sec High Quality Planets]
- Fleet Boosts for Mining 
- Reprocessing and Transport Services
- High Quality Production Facilities
- High Quality Manufacturing Facilities 
- Alliance SRP to replace lost ships

Your Focus:

- Teamwork
- Fun
- Teamspeak
- Discord
- Friends
Application Form
How many alts do you have?
How do you make Isk? Mining, PI, Explo, Etc.?
How long have you played Eve?
Voice Communication is 100% required (Team Speak/Discord/Mumble), Do you have a headset and microphone and the ability to use Voice Comms?
How active are you as a player, couple times a day/ how many hrs?
Why are you looking for new corp?
What ships do you mostly fly in fleets, tackle/ logi Etc?
Link Z-board please