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Hi peeps

So SNG was founded on the principle of “Eve Online is a game” and “irl first” Always. We are formed out of a massive drama that kicked off in another corporation and 45 of us decided to get together and make our own corporation. We have 0% drama and a zero tolerance to it. You start drama, you’re out.

We are active from Downtime i.e 11:30am to around, 1am the next morning, after that it’s quiet, we are sekking players to fit into that timezone.

FULL API IS REQUIRED in your application, Blank Applications will be declined - Public Channel Wacky’s Hole

Each new player is on a 1-2 month probabtion to make sure you fit in with the current core members. during this period, for the sake of our sanity and the peace of the corporation and our gameplay, we resereve the right to remove you, should you become an issue.

We are seeking adult gamers that can seperate the game from the real world and keep that real world out of Eve Online. Players who want to move forwards as a corporation but knowing, that the corporation has no intention, ever, of becoming a null sec entity.

Mining & Buyback

We have 14 moons which you can mine at, on a daily basis, corp operations, we take 25% and 75% is divided amongst the miners who took part. We have a corporation buyback in operation, all ore is purchased at 90% of Jita value in HQ system, so you don’t need to haul anywhere. We also have a private corporation video showing you how to use the buyback system as well.

High Sec PVE

We run everything from anomalies to conduits to Fed Navy level 4’s. We are heavily into our PVE side of things. Conduit runs are 100% shared amongst the fleet members, corporation is just listed as another party on field. Level 4’s, all loot/salvage goes to corporation (see below as to why). Anomalies is just some fun, some of us have once in awhile.


We are heavily into our low sec, faction warfare roaming PvP, we roam in Thrashers & Frigates. We simply offer these to new players, fully fitted, for free, for each roam, Thrasher roams are also fully funded by the corporation, each ship comes with modules/ammo/rigs etc. In short, until you are self funding, we give you ships to PvP with, all you need to do, is turn up.

We advise for PVP that you start a Alpha account as the char in question will end up at -10 security status and we advise your main chars stay at positive sec status.


We are an open and honest corporation, every sunday, corp wallet + assets in hangars are screenshotted and posted to the Discord so we maintain an opena nd honest approach to all finances etc so members feel at home and feel they can trust the command team.

Theme days

We have what is called “theme days” that look like this:

Monday - PVP
Tuesday - Conduits
Wednesday - PVP
Thursdays - Conduits
Friday - Conduits
Saturday - PVP
Sunday - Moon Mining
PVP Fleets Start At 21:30 From HQ ATM

This is so you know, exactly what is on offer for a corporation op, on any given day. No operations are mandatory, you may turn up or don’t, we obviously prefer you do, solo players need not apply, we are building a team that will have each others backs.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Wacky / TDS


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