Star Explorers

Thank you for your interest in Star Explorers

Star Explorers is a C4 wormhole corporation built for mature pilots looking for a long term home in Anoikis. We have been operating in wormhole space for over 4 years.

Because of our mature player base and RL > EVE focus, we offer a home for players who may have sporadic play times, occasional absences, but who share a dedication to their experiences in EVE. We also have a strong desire to help players experiencing wormhole space for the first time.

We are looking for pilots to expand our ranks with a primary focus on EU and late US timezone players. New or old to New Eden, we have a small 2M SP skill requirement. .

Basic information about our corporation can be found at http://www.starexplorers.net

As a corporation, we provide

  • C4 wormhole home with C3 and C5 static connections
  • Teamspeak server
  • Slack chat for out of game communications
  • Tripwire for wormhole mapping
  • Excellent PI resources with corp owned customs offices with low tax
  • Mature, respectful pilots. Asshats need not apply.
If you are looking for a drama-free environment built by mature pilots, please stop by our public chat : STRXP Public or contact Obil Que for more information. Look for our in game advertisement on billboards and in stations across New Eden

Our motto: Not good at much but we f*cking try

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