:sparkles: History

Sang-Froid was formed by long time players in Null Space to create comradery and mutual benefits for players wanting to grow their presence on eve. We would like to share our small ship pvp knowledge to help you succeed and in turn help our corporation to grow. Primarily a US based corp, we have Europe and New Zealand represented - all are welcome.

:bulb: What We Offer

  • For PVE we offer 6+ havens, and a 1% tax rate.
  • For manufacturing we have access to T2 rigged stations to make Sub-Caps and Supers, along with T2 rigged research and invention stations one jump away and all with low tax rates.
  • For PVP we offer corp roams, gate camping, and system defense. No forced PVP.
  • We are well organized with Discord.
  • Relative safety of a heavily protected space, with a far reaching intel network.

:man_astronaut: Requirements

  • Main character must be Omega status.
  • Have adequate SP to support nul sec life.
  • Participate in a monthly corp op.
  • An ability to be on Discord.
  • Full ESI Registration for Security Checks

:rocket: Corp Objectives

  • Develop pilot and player abilities and support access to various types of game content.
  • Aim and encourage our pilots to fly small gang lethal PvP roams.
  • Enrich players with multiple ISK making avenues.
  • Support the needs of our pilots.
  • Create a fun environment with no drama.

:loudspeaker: Contact Us

Want to know more? Join our in-game public channel “-Bosh’s Pub-”, or in-game message Hut Magner, or Stacy Estemaire.


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