Shadow State

Shadow State is a shelter for those with autism and other mental disabilities. Our favorite activities include but are not limited to: chronic spodbraining, burning way too many isotopes to add another killmark to your autism chariot, crafting masterwork MS Paint artwork, and following our motto of "Just Gonna Send It".

If you are also on the spectrum and this sounds like your sippy cup of juice, feel free to join SSTAT Public and say hello.

What we offer:
-Well established corp in well established space
-Experienced bloc level FC's, daily alliance fleets
-Weekly corp roams
-Capital ship discounts
-Capital training operations
-Multiple T2 Tatara and Sotiyo setups
-Mumble and Discord
-Vast access to Imperium resources for Eve Online
-Access to anywhere in Imperium Space

What we require:
-PvP pilots: 6 fleets per month of any type
-Industry pilots: ore quota
-Regular comms usage on Mumble and Discord
-Helpful member of the team

-Play other games together (Warthunder, Ark, etc etc)

Diplomatic Contacts:
John Hartley - EU
Snoopmit - AU

Valliate Goss

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