The Dark Vanguard

We are The Dark Vanguard an agressive PVP focussed corporation living in Sov Nullsec with Sigma Grindset. We have been on a hiatus for a while but are now back and rebuilding to our former strength. We are also building our industry capabilities with a focus on drugs and structre building!

Killboard: The Dark Vanguard | Corporation | zKillboard 7 Nearly 30,000 total kills, and over 11 tril ISK destroyed!

What we offer:

  • Very pvp focussed corp, with plenty of fleets and opportunties to blow up spaceships
  • Mid sized alliance fleets (30-50 people) with fun doctrines (we don’t fly HACs) + blops and small gang fights
  • Good logisticslocal market and ISK making opportunities (moons & ratting etc.)
  • Full SRP for alliance fights
  • Community industry projects

What we are looking for:

  • PVP as the main area of your gameplay (we understand people need to make ISK at times though)
  • Competance with the basic game mechanics and an understaning of how PVP works. No newbros
  • Ideally several combat characters - dread/Faux/Dictor alts are very useful
  • 20mil + SP (in combat skills) so that you can fly our range of doctrines and weapon platforms

If you’re interesed join us on Discord 2, or message Rakkin in game.

We will require a full ESI for all characters


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