Colonial Industries

Colonial Industries - An Industry Corporation With Teeth Based In Sov 0.0

We are Currently looking for like minded individuals who are looking to move out to 0.0 and make isk, kill shit, and have fun doing it. we are a group of people that have been together for a while and have been having fun, getting rich, and doing stupid things for fun along the way. if your new to 0.0 we can train you, if your a vet of 0.0 we welcome you. if your a capital pilot that is even better. 

What we offer in return

  • A strong core group of assholes (we are dicks to each other for fun) we are very social
  • Real Life Comes First
  • Mining Sites with Rorqual boosts if needed
  • Turbo ratting 
  • Great P.I
  • Manufacturing Citadels
  • Super Capital Construction Facilities (and people to help you build a super capital of your dreams)
  • Keepstar Network (including corp owned Keepstar in home system) to dock up that shiny new super capital 
  • Ore Buy Back Program and P.I Buy Back Program
  • Leadership has played since 2003
  • Corp Discord and Allied TS servers (primary voice comms is discord.)

What we are looking for in a new recruit

  • Minimum 5 Million SP
  • The willingness to train to fly our Doctrines 
  • Be on Discord
  • Activity
  • willingness to help the group. (if your not going to be a team player I dont want you)

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