Lightning Trade Federation

Welcome to Lightning Trade Federation's recruitment page! Now that you are here there are a few things you should know.

You have already made it through the initial steps of joining Lightning Trade Federation, congratulations! It isn't over yet. The next step is to fill out the application here on EVE-HR.

This application is required for all prospective applicants to the Lightning Trade Federation, the core base of the soon to be First Order Alliance. As the future home of the First Order, there are many benefits of having a relaxed gameplay style and enjoying the ever growing sandbox that is EVE Online. We here at LTF look forward to meeting and greeting you, our fellow pilot and hopefully future co-worker.

Benefits of LTF Employment -

  1. Ship replacement program subject to approval by the CEO and board of directors.
  2. Weekly fleet operations from mining, PVE, missions, and transportation.
  3. As we grow, you grow and learn.
  4. There are no kind of Skill-point Requirement or Ship Requirements for initial membership.
  5. Player owned citadels, manufacturing, and mining facilities are staged pending membership and enlistment counts.
  6. Chill Chain of Command and easy playing.
  7. No weekly requirement for attending fleet operations.
  8. LTF only requires one mandatory attendance and participation in fleet activities a month.
  9. Be prepared for shenanigans, do not fly anything you cannot afford to lose, and fly dangerously or as safely as you wish too.

Requirements for Membership in LTF -

  1. Dedicated Discord Communication and membership in the LTF Discord is REQUIRED.
  2. You must know the basics of the game, if you have not finished the tutorial please go back and finish the tutorial missions.
  3. You WILL be required to add all of your alternate accounts to LTF's EVE-HR and make them known to LTF.
  4. You will be required to follow the rules of Operational Security and keep all OPSEC tagged items classified.
  5. Be trainable and be able to observe protocol when in fleet.
  6. Be willing to contribute to the well being of the corporation and the future of our organizations.
  7. Experience is a plus and does need to be noted if an interview is required.
  8. Knowledge of how to access and use calendars is required.
  9. If the applicant is of age to consume adult beverages, attendance to "Drunken Sailors" fleets are recommended but not required. (Occurs more than one would think.)
  10. A sense of humor and willingness to participate.

This is one of but many hurdles we will face both together and separately. As a great man once said "The Blood of the Covenant is thicker than the water of the Womb." We look forward to seeing you develop and improve as a pilot in EVE and as a hopeful LTF Employee. If for some reason any of the requirements cannot be met by the applicant, please let someone in the Discord with the tag of "Command Group" know.

If you are this far and have not been interviewed or applied, feel free to contact any of the LTF Command Group or join the public channel in our Discord to speak to our group at  Public LTF Discord

Application Form
Where do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years in EVE?
What are your thoughts on friendly fire within the corporation?
Do you understand the culture we are trying to cultivate within LTF?
Hi-Sec, Low-Sec, or Null Sec?
Do you understand the basics of EVE?
Would you prefer to work in the Mining, Missioning, or Scanning industries to start with LTF?

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