Tokamak Energy Company

Welcome to Tokamak Energy Company

We are glad you are considering us, and we will do our very best to help you on your way to become a happy spaceship pilot if you join!

CEO and COO have 14 years of experiance with EVE Online, so just ask us anything.

The corp will buy all your ore, please compress it in our home station and make a contract to corp and remember to use and put the link in contract. (Use Jita buy prices). Contracts will be accepted every day.

In Highsec we do normal Ore mining

In lowsec we have access to the following:
- Ice mining
- Capital Construction
- Fuel production
- Ship production
- Parts Production
- Reprocessing ore w/max rigs
- Inventions
- Research
- Reactions
- Moon mining
- Very good planets for PI

Be online when u can, rl comes first!

Our pub channel is "TOKAM Pub"