Star-Tech Industries

New Eden can be Bitch when you Fly Alone!

For all you budding & experienced industrialists out there Star-Tech Industries are looking to add depth to our ranks - welcoming Experienced, New and Returning players, Alpha & Omega status alike.
2Mil skill points required to survive in Null Sec!
Come and join a friendly laid back corp that has the time to help you integrate into Null! GMT/EU/US Time zones, all welcome.

??? Alpha/Omega Friendly  
??? Booster Fleets,
??? Industry Focused,
??? Mining, Moon Mining, ice & Ores,
??? BPO Research, Production and Invention.
??? Low Tax,
??? Small Scale and Alliance PVP.
??? Exploration,
??? Ratting,
??? Training for New players.
??? Discord / Mumble Required.

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