uncommon enerprise

Who are we?

Uncommon Enerprise (UNCES) is primarily an industrial corporation present in empire and null security space, active mostly during the US and EU timezones. Ranging from pilots who can spin yarns of age old legendary battles, to those who have just started out and fresh to the game, we are all unified inextricably with our love for the scale and unpredictability of EVE. We cannot wait to have you fly alongside us in the ever changing, ever growing story of New Eden. Join us, as we chase isk and blow up internet pixels across the galaxy.

We are a member of Reckless Contingency(RECON), living primarily in null security space and working in coalition alongside Panfam, providing security in Malpais, The Kalevala Expanse, Geminate and Etherium reach. (UNCES) has recently undergone a transitional phase and we are now searching for new pilots who wish to experience more of what EVE has to offer, past the constraints of empire. There will be lots of opportunity to grow with the corp and become part of our story as we hope to become part of yours.

What do we offer?

We offer you the freedom to play as you wish. No one is going to tell you not to be a pirate nor tell you to stop shooting NPCs if that is what you want to do. We have pilots who exclusively mine and produce as well as those who shoot first and ask questions later. (We have a not blue shoot it policy)

The majority of us are based out in null security space and we are waiting to guide players wishing to take their first steps away from the warm embrace of empire, to start building their way towards galactic domination!

PVE in EVE is vast, we endeavor to provide, mining fleets, alliance ore buy back, traders, production facilities, moons, null sec ratting and DED escalation fleets, exploration, planetary interaction and thats just to name a few. Want to make isk? Guess what? So do we!

PVP in EVE is even vaster, we are active daily and take part in, 200 to 400+ man battles pretty much on a daily basis, small gang warfare on a daily basis, roaming warfare, Capital pvp (coming soon*) new bro fleets, new bro classes and we even offer alliance SRP (ship replacement program) for official ops. We are more than happy to camp a low sec gate or bump McLuvin on amarr undock. Want to blow stuff up? Guess what? So do we!

Will I fit in?

Whats that? just started? less than 10 mill SP? Providing you are willing to communicate and listen to suggestions, we want to offer you as much guidance as we can. Many of our veteran players are more than happy to overwhelm you with oceans of knowledge about EVE. Even with minimal SP we can have you engaging in fleet ops within 30 mins of your arrival to null sec.

Returning veteran?  Dude have we got a cushy null sec home for you to come live in. Want to build a Super? Fly a super?!?!? Yeah, sure its a blue doughnut but just take a look at all the dank kill mails we've been raking in! We even got to kill Xtra squishy in his dreadnoughts, 6 times bro! SB fleets?!?!?! Hell yes! Come get on some dank super kills!! Flash form HAC fleets with 150 pilots in under 5 mins too bro!!!

What do you want from me?

Treat your fellow corpies as the invaluable spaceship family that they are, always helping, always striving to reach down and pull the next ones further up the tree of knowledge, always sharing the best tips to making dank isk. Hold on to the belief that the better your fellow corp mate does, the better you do too. With this in mind, our alliance military efforts are conducted largely using a set of ship doctrines. Training into them will require you to dedicate around 2 months of training time in your skill queue. (less if you already have some skills in these areas) Alliance flown ships which are lost in combat will be refunded if lost in any of our alliance engagements. Giving time to the corporation and indeed the alliance by skilling into doctrine ships is a fantastic opportunity to fly in large scale battles, see tons of lasers and massive internet spaceships doing exactly what you dream of being part of. The best part is, Uncommon Enerprise will give you your first one and it will get replaced if lost through SRP. Very little isk will be required on your part to contribute to the alliance efforts and joining a fleet once or twice a week will be seen by the corporation leadership as efforts worthy of reward.

We also require access to ESI information which is a service provided by CCP. It allows us to make counter espionage checks. You are not handing over any passwords or usernames and no member of UNCES will ever ask you for any information that will compromise the security of your account. Consider it as a background check for joining a security team in real life. Any alts that you may want to admit to the corp will also have to submit their ESI information. Failure to provide us with this information, or indeed withholding it will end your application process and or result in your expulsion from UNCES.

You must use Discord to be able to complete the process of joining Uncommon Enerprise. By now it is safe to assume you understand English to a level that we prefer but you are not required to talk if that is what you want. It is much easier to teach and communicate over voice comms and this is a minimum requirement of living in null sec space. Come and have a chat with us so we can review the answers you gave us in the questionnaire part of the application.

To continue the application once the questionnaire is completed use this link and join us on voice comms at  Uncommon Enerprise Discord

Application Form
How long have you been playing EVE for?
What is your time zone?
Do you know what to do if the corporation has an active war declaration against it?
Are you an elitist?
Would you be willing to train into alliance doctrine ships?
Do you have any experience of pvp in fleets?
Can you spot the spelling mistake in, uncommon enerprise.
Are you stupid?
Are you willing to use Discord?