Valhalla's Guard

We are Valhalla's Guard, the last line of defense for Valhalla. 

Who are we?
We are Veterans from all walks of life, Marines, Army, we need some Navy and Air Force though.

We are family men, we respect that family always comes first, no matter what.

We have a filthy sense of humor, and make jokes in poor taste.

We are Valhalla's chosen.

What aren't we? 

What do we do?

We fight, we die, we come back as Einherjar. 
We run combat sites.
We munch rocks.

Personal Note from CEO:
I won't sell this corporation's recruitment hard, I won't shovel lies down your throats. We are the most honest, down to earth people you'll ever meet. 
If you want to fly with us, you can, if you want to keep looking for another corp, you can. We maintain a community, not a corp, a community built on lies isn't built to last.
So that's why I won't spend hours trying to write a perfect recruitment page, I will tell you what we do, but most importantly, I will show you who we are, I will show you our brotherhood.

Then I will hope you decide to join us, for better, for worse, married to each other more than we are to our wives. 
Till Valhalla'


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