Ghost Net Industrialists

Ghost Net Industrialists

Ghost Net Industrialist (GNI) is a group of like minded players that enjoy all aspects of living in Null.  We have extensive experience in PVP, PVE, Mining, Industry and P.I.  We are primarily US and EU timezone. 

We particpate in Coalition and Alliance Call To Arms (CTAs) and roam regularly for content and fun.  We have a Corp and Alliance Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for most combat losses.  

In GNI we excel at industry of all types and can make everything we need.  We have one of the best stocked markets in the region and encourage all new GNI members to do what they like doing best.  Our Corp taxes are very low and we have no silly taxation system for mining or participation. 

Voice Comms is a must!   

Freel free to join our public channel GNI_public or check us out on Zkillboard. 

Recruiters: Banga74, Cain Silver, La'kar, Nightjester

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