What is XFoS?

XFoS is a TAX FREE (that's right, 0% tax!) multifaceted (Mining/Industrial/PvE/PvP) player-run corp that is new pilot friendly.  When you join us, you get access to not only our corporate services, but also to the extended services and playerbase of our alliance.

Are you a Miner? We have ore refining services available (DIY in one of our structures, or ask one of our senior members to do it for you and reap the benefits of their skills!), run an ore purchasing/buy-back scheme (offering close to Jita pricing, so you don't have to haul it around yourself to get a good price), and regularly run high-sec mining fleets in and around our home system (with full Orca or Porpoise support).  We also have access to mining in NPC nullsec (regular ore plus moons) via our alliance.

Are you an Industralist? We have a manufacturing services available in our structures, plus lots of BPCs to help you get started in industry.  We can help with PI as well!

Want to do PvE?  We run security missions (up to level 4 presently) and combat sites in and around our home system.  We have members who regularly do exploration (data/relic sites) in regular space as well as in wormholes.  We also offer an entry pathway to highsec Incursions and will help you get started in them so you can make 200mil ISK (or more) an hour.

Is PvP more your thing?  We offer access to anything from roaming small-gang PvP to large-fleet sov defense fleets.

Something else?  Let's talk!

We're relaxed, we're hilariously funny (or we're not), and we expect little except friendliness and courtesy.  If you're starting out in Eve, then we can help a little.  Give us a go!

To apply, click the "Apply" button below.  You'll be asked to log onto the Eve SSO system to link your account to Eve-HR, and then we'll get notified of your application.  Thanks!