We provide a place where like minded people can get together have some fun doing things together like mining, missions, abyssal runs. escalations.

We desire people who want to harvest astreroid ore, ice, moon ore, and gas. We can offer ventures.

We desire boosters, espically if you bring mining alts.

We also could use Manufacturers and researchers to bolster our fleet and make some isk on the side.

If you like ratting we can offer Vexors that are alpha friendly.

We are not a PvP-centric group, but it would be nice to also bolster our own defenses so we can eventually move to lowsec and perhaps null if the members would like that.
We generally have offices at IChooseYou stations for the moment till we are more established and can move to our own system once we find one we like.
If you  have any questions join XPO-Public channel or join our discord

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