Yorozuya XIII


"Together, there's nothing we cant do!"

For those of us here in YXIII this is more than just a motto, it is a guidepost. When working together with friends and like minded individuals you can achieve anything. From the smallest Frigate to the largest Titan, everyone is equally necessary to make sure that a corp runs the best it can.

We are a new corp with some old players that are nowhere near where they want to or should be; but with time, dedication and some hard work on everyone's part we can come to be a strong force within the universe.

And what do we need to reach this goal you may ask?


We need people who are wanting to do more than fly solo, people who want to contribute to something bigger than themselves. People who want to become a force within the EvE universe and arent afraid to fight for their right to play the game the way they want.

So if you want to be a part of that something more, apply to Yorozuya XIII today and lets enjoy everything EvE has to offer.... together!

Corp Info

Points of Contact

  • Azulas Norpheia -- CEO/CFO (can be contacted at any time through the mobile app)
  • Kumo Valentine -- CIO
  • Drakyn Sigil -- COO

Active Timezone

We are currently a CST (UTC -5) corp due to a lack of members but we hope to have a broad range of active Timezones in the near future!


We are currently based out of the Balle system (0.5 sec) which is two jumps from Dodixie trade hub and within range of plenty of content including but not limited to; Mission Running, Wormholes, Data/Relic anomalies, Combat anomalies, Mining anomalies, areas for moon mining and low sec entrances as well as nearby nullsec space, belt mining, and so much more!

Current Events to be updated weekly!

We are currently doing small/medium scale belt mining with our eyes on the prize of getting a refinery put up to start moon mining, doing PI and producing goods.

Our current tax rate is 5% even though we are small and could use more taxable income, this is because right now we have no SRP or very much in the way of support in the instance of a lost ship due to a lack of infrastructure currently, so we dont want to cause too much pain in your wallet!

We also do some WH exploration with a focus on Relic/Data sites and Gas Harvesting.

We have an Orca in Balle ready to hit the belts or go a few jumps through highsec to Brapalille for some Ice Mining and we can/will provide Foreman boosts.

We also have members with access to L4 missions with Sisters of Eve, Federal Intelligence Office and Rhodan Shipyards and we are more than ready to run them at any time.

So as you can see we are kind of a jack-of-all-trades corp with plenty to do, now all we need is you!
Application Form
What do you love most about EvE?
What makes you want to login every day?
What kind of ships do you like to fly?
What kind of player are you?
Why are you interested in joining Yorozuya XIII?
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