Alexylva Paradox

Alexylva Paradox「ΛLXVP」is Recruiting!
The Alexylva Paradox is a small group of veteran low class wormhole space pvpers and roleplayers with over ten years of experience in EVE. We're a small and friendly group of mostly queer players who are looking to expand our numbers and rebuild activity levels after being in hibernation for a few years. We roleplay as radical transhumanists building an independent colony in wormhole space. With years of internal lore, we have a rich supply of material to draw on for both new and old roleplayers alike. Roleplay is not mandatory but adds a fun element to gameplay.

What we offer
・An experienced directorate who is willing and able to help train new pilots
・Access to wormhole space and a home there to base out of
・Roleplay opportunities with a recognized name in the EVE Roleplay community
・Small gang pvp opportunities and fleets
・A friendly and accepting environment for women and LGBT players
・Lots of ways to make ISK for both new and experienced players
・A group that puts IRL first and won't drag you to CTAs at 3am

What we Require
・Must be LGBT friendly
・Must have discord
・Must be able to use scan probes

We take both Alpha and Omega players, and are willing to train new pilots.


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