Traumark Corsairs

Eve Online Lowsec: The Anidaza Cartel

We're a semi-casual, laid back BlackOps focused small pirate gang living under The Anidaza Cartel, newer pilots are just as welcome as returning pilots.

We offer guidance in PvP, Industry and all things eve, moons to mine, buyback to earn cash easy & fast, no mandatory strat ops, open and welcoming discord based community, and the option to "graduate" to our more experienced corp if you fit in well, are actively engaged in the community, can fly higher SP doctrines and want to progress your eve career.

Traumark Corsairs - Casual Lowsec Piracy

Read more about us here: https://anidaza.space/
Get in Touch with us here: https://discord.gg/3km5UFkcFP
Corporation Killboard here: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98736945/

+ You're right here if:

  • you want to be part of a community dedicated to spacepixels
  • you like to post memes on discord
  • you like to PvP (as in: shooting people in space)
  • you can take and activley seek constructive criticism to better yourself
  • you can talk about your/others mistakes without getting offended or offensive
  • you don't expect to get a ping for every silly little fleet
  • you understand that spacepixels and space explosions are meant to be fun

- You probably won't fit in with us if:

  • you don't open your discord again after getting roles or mute the whole server
  • you don't PvP
  • memes offend you
  • you think everyone online has to save your butt
  • you take getting told your fit is terrible as a personal insult
  • you need constant entertainment without creating content yourself

If you think you'll fit in with us, fill out the application form below and hop on our discord if you aren't already on it. We'll review your application asap and let you know what to do next.
Discalimer: Yes, applications require you to log in via Eve SSO, we'll do a quick background check.

Ingame applications without filled out form will be rejected.

Application Form
Tell us a little about your eve career so far and what brought you here.
Where are you from?
Which of the following Ships can you fly?



















None of these ships

Which of the following Equipment can you use?

Covert Ops Cloaking Device

T2 Torpedoes

T2 small Laser Weapons

T2 small Projectile Weapons

T2 medium Projectile Weapons

T2 medium Blasters

T2 Light Missiles

T2 heavy Missiles

T2 Precursor Weapons

T2 large Lasers

T2 large Blasters

T2 large Artillery

Meta/T1 variants of all of those but no T2


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