The Black Fang Syndicate

Welcome to The Black Fang Syndicate’s Recruitment Page

We are a PVP focused corporation residing in NPC null. We are open to all players regardless of skill and experience. We operate mostly during night time USTZ, but usually have someone on throughout the day. We welcome anyone from anywhere in the world, and are welcoming of all kinds of people. We are not only seeking PVP pilots. We are accepting pilots from all career paths! And once again, we are new pilot friendly!

This corporation was started by pilots who came from EVE: Echoes and wanted to continue to fly together. We have flown together since a little after launch of echoes, and we aim to continue that. We work really well together and we are looking for members who would like the same experience as us. I do not have goals to have a huge corporation. I enjoy the personable aspects and interactive-ness of being in a small corporation. 

What we offer:

  • Plenty of room for promotion and growth.
  • A tight-knit group experience.
  • No crazy CTA's, real life comes first.
  • Small gang PVP.
  • No blues at the moment, and as little blues as possible.
  • Discord server with comms.

What we require:

  • Though there is no hard requirement, we would like everyone to take part in PVP ops periodically.
  • Have access to discord voice, as it is a necessity for PVP.
  • Be active and participate in group conversations when able.
  • Don't run from the first sign of danger, we live for the fight.
  • Be able to understand and speak english to a reasonable extent.

If you are still interested in applying, please apply in game and fill out the questionnaire below so it can be reviewed by one of our officers. 

Application Form
Please give a brief description of yourself.
Do you have any alts? Please list them. Otherwise, enter N/A.
What interests you about our Corp?
There is an enemy gate camp 4 jumps away. You are asked to break it up. There 1 Bhaalgorn, 1 heavy interdictor, 1 interdictor, 2 standard cruisers, and a T3 cruiser. What is your ideal fleet composition?
Why should we recruit you?

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