Bal Maethor

Who We Are:

Bal Maethor is an online gaming community with members participating in a wide variety of massively multiplayer online games. Bal Maethor is first and foremost about having fun. Many of our members have been gaming as a group for over 20 years.

What We Offer:

High Sec/Empire Space

  • Mission Running
  • Industry and Trade Support
  • Mining Fleets (Ice and Asteroid)

Null Sec Space NPC & SOV

  • Combat Sites
  • Roaming PvP fleets
  • CTA Fleets
  • Industry Support
  • Mining Fleets

Wormhole Space

  • C4 with Static C3 and C5
  • Sleeper Sites
  • Gas Sites
  • Access to T3 Industry

Alliance Benefits

  • Very Active
  • Community Focused
  • Buyback Program
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • High Sec to Null Sec and WH Supply Chains
  • Custom web services


  • We are New Player Friendly
  • No Minimum Skill Point Requirement
  • Players are expected to be active
  • Players are expected to participate in voice comms during fleets (Discord)
  • Blank applications will be rejected
  • Applicants must belong to a NPC corp.
  • A full ESI is required for validation

In-Game Recruitment Channel: BMOGCPub

Application Form
What is your focus in game (Mining, Industry, PvE, PvP, WH, etc)
Why join Bal Maethor?
Do you have a preference to HighSec, LowSec, NullSec or WH?

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