Bootstrap High Sec

Welcome to Bootstrap High Sec

Bootstrap High Sec (BTSHS) is the high sec, war immune corp of Bootstrap Mining (BOOTS), and is our main entry point for new members. Members in good standing will have the ability to move into the main null sec corp in future if they wish, although there is no obligation and those who prefer high sec activities may prefer to remain in BTSHS to retain war immunity

Our corporations are currently growing and focussing on some exciting goals in both hisec and nullsec space which will suit the needs of members with any amount of time.

  • We run corporate operations on a strictly optional basis, and encourage these to be member-led rather than centrally directed
  • Our employee charter explicitly supports the need for members to go AFK or drop off at short notice when Real Life™ requires
  • We also recognise that for a number of reasons some members are not able to participate in voice comms
  • We are primarily a UK/EU and US based, although we are glad to welcome members of any nationality and have members in all timezones
  • We are happy to train new players and have a variety of experience levels within the corporation

If you wish to join us, please complete the questions and then click Apply below


You will find it under Applications / My Applications on the menu to the left

Application Form
What is your current level of experience (inexperience is not a blocker to entry but it helps us to know how much help to give you!) (e.g. Brand New / Returning / Experienced etc)
Is this your main character? Do you have others, and if so are they also joining? (please provide names)
What are you looking for in a corp? (if you have changed corps recently, please tell us what didn't work out for you as well)
Is there anything else we should know? (please bear in mind that the easier it is for us to understand who you are, what you're looking for and whether you'll fit in, the quicker we will be able to process your application)
Have you applied in game to Bootstrap High Sec? (this helps us tie applications together and also speeds up approval - if you haven't done this yet PLEASE save me a few precious mouse clicks by also applying in game!)
Please make sure you check your notifications in game to see when your application is accepted. We usually process applications within 1-2 days but you must accept the invitation within 30 days to actually join

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