Dickhead Corner

What you can expect:

You would be joining a well experienced null corp within a group of players that have been together for 1-4 years! :) We have infrastructure to print isk, that is continually being expanded upon, so you won't be in some barren wasteland. You also won't be joining a corp, and to that point an alliance, where you're just number #4,129 F1 Muninn. You'll be joining a legitimate family that will care about you.

No mandatory quota for fleets per month. We do have CTA's, because defending our SOV is important, but you don't need to dedicate x nights per week for stuff you don't enjoy if that's not your thing.

We can offer:

Great Quality SOV to rat with plenty of systems open. Like ALOT.
Drama free home
High % Buyback Services
Plenty of ORE & Ice Belts
Solid Indy Infrastructure
Plenty of SOV to explore
Alliance & Coalition PVP fleets daily, Small Gang/Fleet Ops/Black Ops
5% Corp Tax

What we're looking for:
Active players
Team players
Self Sufficient
Interest in both PVE & PVP
Drama Free bois
Discord, Teamspeak 3, & Mumble Experienced
English Speaking
7 Mil SP Minimum, Exceptions can be made, case by case. Don't let this solely turn you away :)

How to apply:
Join our discord. https://discord.gg/h7RxSSd2jN
Follow the information in #Public-Information
Chat with us on discord! Recruiters are readily available :)

Discord: O'Rourke Kashada#1863


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