:dragon:. [.Rest] is recruiting new members! :dragon: Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98575255/ We are seeking members to boost our numbers in our corp activities. We believe the real life coming first and having fun when logged in. We are proud members of Pandemic Horde and offer . We offer regular roams and protection in our home in Cobalt Edge. We offer: :dragon:Buyback, Infrastructure, logistics :dragon:SRP for home defense fleets :dragon:Best ISK making opportunities in Cobalt Edge (maxed Adms, r64 moons) :dragon:Industrial members to provide needed items and ships Dragon. is looking for: :dragon: Active pilots in USTZ or EUTZ :dragon: Capital pilots :dragon: Team players we will not tolerate toxic behavior :dragon: Pilots with the ability to be on comms and interact with our family :dragon: Understanding of PvP mechanics
Application Form
What is your main character name?
What do you like to do for isk?
What is your main time zone?
If you've read the rules in the Discord #rules channel, what is the password?

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