Dalek Defense

Dalek Defence

The #1 Whoovian corp in Eve Online
Currently recruiting

We are a group of players that jumped into Eve Online during the Dr Who crossover.
Since then we have had fun with the game and are now opening up to recruiting more people and expand out little gang.
Being a Whoovian is not a requirement to joining and the ones that are don't bite (much).

A proud member of the Spaceship Familiy Alliance, we live out in null security space, in one of the hottest zones in the game.
What we offer players:
Free newbie ships
120% SRP
R64 Moons
Regular PvP Content
An Industrial Park

So join up to play eve with friends and explore this fascinating universe and and as the doctor says

"The deep and lovely dark, we'd never see the stars without it." - The 12th Doctor

Application Form
What do you enjoy doing in eve?
How did you hear about us?
What is your time zone?
Are you afraid of the dark?
You see a weeping angel, what do you do?

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