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ERB: Expand Your Horizons in Wormhole Space

Einstein-Rosen Brigade is a C4 wormhole alliance looking for pilots, and corporations, who want to learn to live without local! We specialize in helping new-to-wormhole-bros learn to survive and thrive in wormhole space. 

The philosophy of ERB is simple: this alliance is what YOU make it. We’ve provided the infrastructure to support our pilots as they explore and learn new skills. We won’t tell you what to do, but we will help you do it.

What Does That Mean For You?


Pew Pew?

We enjoy a fun fight as much as the next guy, but if you want a hardcore PvP group, we won’t be the best fit for you. To get an idea of the things we get up to, peruse our killboard: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99005590/

We stress having a good attitude, whether blowing someone up, or going down in a ball of fire ourselves. Salt gets in the way of having fun.

We Welcome Corps!

If you’re a small (10-30) member corp looking to move beyond C1/C2/C3 life, or ready to make your first dive into wormhole space, we’re eager to help!

What We’re Looking For

What We Offer

How to Apply

Application Form
Do you have any prior experience in wormhole space? If yes, please describe (e.g., exploring, hunting, ninja gas mining, previously lived in a wormhole, etc.)
What interests you most about wormhole space?
Thinking about all the corps you've been in previously, what elements did you like the most? What elements did you like the least?
(Bonus) What condiments do you like to put on a hot dog?
What Timezone do you play in? (USTZ-East, West, Central, Mountain, EUTZ, EMEA, AUTZ, etc)