EVE Chill

Not your generic highsec corp.
N e w   P i l o t s   W e l c o m e
✙ PvE ✙ Explo ✙ PvP ✙

EVE Chill will have you earning faster and trying new things sooner than the rest. We dont believe you need high skills or fat wallets to enjoy interesting and challenging content.

Apply in game, then fill out our application here.
For questions, join chat channel 'Got Content?' in game our Our Discord

✓ Highsec Base in Amarr space
✓ No Wars, No Taxes
✓ Skill Plans, Fitting Help
✓ Help Linked Everywhere
✓ Video Tutorials

Let your earning support your thrills, rather than becoming your focus. Join us today and avoid the trap of other highsec corps. 

Application Form
Have you completed the tutorial?
Have you finished the Career Agent missions?
How long have you been playing?
What activities do you enjoy so far?
Will you join Discord voice chat with a working mic?
Will you join fleets (group activities)?

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