Greentome Union

We specialize in chewing up rocks and turning them into something useful.

No minimum skill requirements.

- Belt Mining
- Gas Huffing
- Pochven Mining
- Planetary Interaction
- Production, Research, and Invention

While we are primarily industry we also stop to have fun once in a while with disposable suicide fleets for roaming Pochven, low/null, etc and getting into trouble. The only way home is death.

We also do mission running up to L4s currently, possibly L5s in the near future.

Currently not based out of anywhere specific but most of our members hang around the Verge Vendor region and Dodixie for missions.

We aren't time zone specific but currently a good majority of members are US based with the rest being in the UK, China, etc

Boosted Fleet Mining OPs are organized twice a week guaranteed, once in the middle of the week and another on Sunday, hoping to get more going once we have more members in the opposite TZ from our current FCs.

If you want to become an FC for mining OPs we will help you do so, we provide all ships/fits for FCs provided skill requirements are met. If you want to know the benefits of being an FC reach out to one of the contacts listed below.

We have our own structures for: compression, research, BP copying, invention, production and soon refining and moon mining all with very low to no taxes.

Contacts: Anthony Kane (Me) | Christopher Giacomo

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