Keepers Of Eden

Our Code Of Conduct: 

1.) Have fun and help others have fun.  This is a fun per hour alliance, the isk will come.
2.) Be ready to work together.
3.) Respect every arcadian like you would like to be respected.  Treat every person like an arcadian.
4.) You are the image of arcadian dawn, never do anything that could tarnish that image. (begging, un-fair pvp(suicide-ganking), etc)
5.) Be trustworthy, fair and have integrity.
6.) Keep chat channels clean of swearing, hard language, unpleasant & offending remarks.
7.) No causing drama.
8.) Help others even outside of the alliance if you can. Yet, if you can not or do not want to, refuse in a nice way never be rude or unpleasant about it.
9.) If someone tries to help you but fails, thank them regardless of the outcome.
10.) Refrain from saying and doing things out of anger or boredom; have a break and cool down.
11.) Do not judge one another.


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