Lux Mundi Exploration Company

Lux Mundi Exploration Company is an EVE Online gaming corporation that, as the name suggests, specializes in exploration. We will be doing a lot of scanning in all sectors of space, from high security to wormholes. Our goal is to form fleets, head into unknown space systems and raid them for fun and profit.

Currently we are based in Amarr highsec and a class 2 wormhole.

To sum up, what we do:
✔ Exploration everywhere
✔ Gas harvesting
✔ Mining with boosts
✔ PvE combat sites
✔ Occasional PvP

What we can offer:
✔ Lower taxes than NPC corps (5% vs 11%)
✔ Friends to play the game with
✔ One-on-one training
✔ Limited ship reimbursement
✔ Free starter ships
✔ Skill planning and goals
✔ Profitable group activities

What we require of you:
✔ An adventurous attitude
✔ Willingness to learn
✔ Ability to be on Discord comms
✔ Preferably an Omega account, but we have room for Alpha pilots too
✔ Be able to follow Christian morals such as no stealing, scamming, griefing etc.

What are you waiting for pilot? Join now!

Want to learn more? Join our public chat channel: Lux Mundi


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