Nefarious Intentions

**NEFARIOUS INTENTIONS** is a PVE and PVP corporation operating in the Essence Region of Gallente space. Most of our members operate during the night hours of US Eastern Time Zone (EST). We are flag-bearing members of the alliance **STRICTLY UNPROFESSIONAL**.

Our main focus in PVP content: fleet operations include gang roams through lowsec, POCO and upwell structure bashing, highsec war declarations, and major action with our allies. It is mandatory for members to join voice comms when participating in fleet operations, and it's highly encouraged to chat with your comrades. That being said, we'll never ask our pilots to sacrifice personal time or real life obligations to run in a fleet. Our alliance, **Strictly Unprofessional**, maintains a series of ship doctrines for use in these fleet operations so we ask our pilots to familiarize themselves with these fits.

Our main source of ISK stems from PVE activities: many of our pilots run EDENCOM and Triglavian sites almost daily, and a few also participate in Incursion fleets. We encourage our members to run these sites together for maximum benefit to all! The alliance also runs fleets to clear Major Triglavian sites for even greater ISK opportunities!

On occasion, **NFINT** will join mining fleets with the alliance, though it is not mandatory. If you are an experienced industrialist that can contribute to our supply chain then let's chat and see what you can offer! **Strictly Unprofessional** fields several structures dedicated to manufacturing and research, and offers a competitive ore and salvage buyback program.

To apply, please go to our [EVE-HR site](http://eve-hr.com/nfint) and fill out a questionnaire. From there, join our public channel **NFINT Public** in-game or join us on [Discord](https://discord.gg/M2hGhut) to speak with a recruiter. 

We hope to see you out there. Fly safe! o7

Application Form
What are your goals in EVE?
We conduct daily PVE operations to generate ISK. You may participate in the operations or you may also participate in alliance mining operations. Which do you prefer and why?
What are you looking for in a corporation/alliance? What are you also not looking for in a corporation/alliance?
Joining discord comms will be a requirement to be part of this corporation. Are you able to do so?
Our alliance requires certain doctrine ships to be flown, are you willing to train into the specified doctrines?
We are primarily a US timezone alliance, are you able to participate in that time frame?
We frequently have our new members undergo a 30 day probationary period to see if they can live up to our operational expectations, is that going to be a problem for you?

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