ORE 114

ORE 114

UK/EU timezone primarily ( but we do have a round the clock playerbase)

New Eden can be a bitch by yourself!
Primarily a Mining/Industrial Training Corp we are looking for like minded capsuleers who would like to learn / train and progress within a laid back community.
We are a New player/Alphaclone friendly corporation for the budding industrialists out there. We offer care/skill packages to get you moving the right way and skilling members to move to null sec - where the isk making opportunities are second to none!

*** Ore 114 is a Training / Recruitment Corp for our Null-Sec sister Corp ***

We Can Offer you

Alpha Clone Friendly Corp -
Mining fleets with Boosts -
Planetary interaction -
Moon mining -
A fantastic isk making opportunity -
Manufacturing/Reprocessing help -
Distribution -
Missions -
Ratting -
Small Scale PvP -
You will soon have the game paying for itself via plex -
For Alpha clones - A unique one time upgrade offer - speak to a recruiter for more info!
Through our null sec corp we can teach you all the pvp skills you will ever need - 
Non regimented & laid back -  Do as much or as little as you like!

Once you have found your way around we can offer a unique experience living in null-sec with the best Ore,Ice & Moon belts and access to the most efficient and cheapest facilities around.

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