Purgators - Null-Sec PvP Corporation (EU/US)

You want to start something? Different, with the sole purpose to kill stuff and have fun with it?
Then we are your people! We are a newly forming Null-Sec PvP Corporation that already has a place in a big null-sec alliance.

Our main goal is to have fun, to overcome any challenges united as a group and to be the best scrubs!

What do we offer:

- pvp in all of it's flavors (Gatecamps, Roams, StratOps and huge fleet fights with the tidi)

 - systems for ratting and mining (to pay you pvp advantures ofcourse!)

- SRP for Alliance/Coalition Fleets

What we want to put in place once we have the numbers:

- Moon mining possibilities to fill the corp srp

- corp srp (for supers, titans and corporation operations)

- making isk through pvp (wormhole evictions, structure kill mercenary contracts etc.)

What kind of players do we want:

- Min. 25m SP

- online a lot (not everyday, but can't do pvp with people that are never around you know :D)

- chill, patient and willing to improve

For any more questions, join the ingame channel Purgators Public or contact Seldon Vestrit
Discord: https://discord.gg/SCt6UQN


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