Infernal Armada Collegia

Infernal Armada is a Sov-null PVP focused corporation and proud member of Warped Intentions and the Legacy Coalition. Our unique playstyle is one that encourages esprit de corps from a close-knit community of pilots in everything that we do, from small roams, to large-scale industrial projects.

What We Offer

—Endless large-scale engagement alliance & Coalition PVP

—Corp and alliance fun fleets & roams

-Alliance fleet participation incentives

—New-player friendly environment

—Real-life-comes-first perspective

—Corp & alliance mining ops

—Generous moon mining opportunities

-Plex incentives for fleet participation

—Extensive buyback programs

—Corporate industry opportunities, market seeding, and projects

-Full logistics services with free setup for new pilots

-Passive ISK earning opportunities including an extensive PI production program

What We Require

-Mature, drama-free attitude

-Full ESI scopes

-Be active on Discord

-Mumble comms for fleets

-Willing and able to train necessary doctrines

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