Ruthless Regiment

Hello Potential Recruit,

We are Ruthless Regiment, we are rebooting the Corporation, after a hiatus away from the game and we are looking to rebuild the Regiment to her former glory!! 

Looking for:
* PVPers
* Miners
* Bomber Pilots
* Basic Manufacturers

(Q4 Patch dependant! we'll expand Operations)

We offer:

* Alliance Roams
* Alliance Facility Access

Application Form
What's your timezone?
How active will you be?
Are you Alpha or Omega Currently?
Have you lived in Nullsec before?
What do you feel, you'll need the most support with in Nullsec?
You will be expected to join Alliance PVP Fleets would that be a problem and if so why?
What's your primary focus in EVE Online? Example Mining, ''PVP''

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