Ruthless Regiment

Hello Potential Recruit,

We are Ruthless Regiment, We are primarily Industrial at our core, but we also love to fleet up and go blow things up... i mean who doesn't? We don't want people to feel like they are nothing more than a ''F1 Monkey'' we want you to enjoy being apart of our Corp and want to help see it grow and succeed and we want you to feel apart of it! 

Looking for:
* PVPers
* Miners
* Bomber Pilots
* Basic Manufacturers
* Capital Manufacturers
* Orca and Rorq Pilots

We offer:

* TeamSpeak Comms
* PVP Roams
* PVP Career Progression
* Corp Ore and Cap Part Buyback
* Access to a BPO Library
* Access to a Capital BPC Library
Application Form
What's your timezone?
What's your primary focus in EVE Online? Example Mining, ''PVP''
What are your in game long term Goals?
You will be expected to join Corp / Alliance PVP Fleets Regularly would that be a problem and if so why?
Currently we use Discord, TeamSpeak and Mumble would that be an issue?
Tell us something Random about yourself!