Ruthless Regiment

Hello Potential Recruit,

We are Ruthless Regiment, We are primarily Industrial at our core, but we also love to fleet up and go blow things up... i mean who doesn't? We don't want people to feel like they are nothing more than a ''F1 Monkey'' we want you to enjoy being apart of our Corp and want to help see it grow and succeed and we want you to feel apart of it! 

Looking for:
* PVPers
* Miners
* Bomber Pilots
* Basic Manufacturers
* Capital Manufacturers
* Orca and Rorq Pilots

We offer:

* TeamSpeak Comms
* PVP Roams
* PVP Career Progression
* Corp Ore and Cap Part Buyback
* Access to a BPO Library
* Access to a Capital BPC Library
Application Form
What's your timezone?
What's your primary focus in EVE Online? Example Mining, PVP
You will be expected to join Corp / Alliance PVP Fleets Regularly would that be a problem and if so why?
Currently we use Discord, TeamSpeak and Mumble would that be an issue?
Can you fly a Bomber?
Are you a Spy?
Our CEO is a Brit, can you cope with that?